Brands + Snapchat = ?

An attempt to track all known brand efforts using the ephemeral media platform.

Edited and compiled by @Whatleydude.

Sour Patch Kids + Influential Kids

"Sour Patch Kids has launched a five-day Snapchat campaign, which marks parent Mondelez International’s initial foray on the smartphone app as well as the candy brand’s first time utilizing social media influencers. The campaign—which is dubbed "Real-life Sour Patch Kid"—enlists social media star Logan Paul to take over the brand’s Snapchat account while documenting pranks that he’s pulling in New York this week."

Another day, another ‘we handed our Snapchat channel over to an influencer’ activation.

Hashtag Trend.

AT&T + Summer Stories

"As part of its @SummerBreak initiative [AT&T] has been all over YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Vine and, of course, Snapchat.

For the latter, in particular, AT&T has quickly garnered 44,500 followers without any paid media while organically pushing its SummerBreakSnap element. That’s pretty good for having zero presence on the mobile-social app two months ago.”

Two things:

1. AT&T profess to ‘no media spend’. Alright, it might not have bought any ads but it absolutely paid for its YouTube influencers.

2. The influencers are the key to the numbers.

Takeaway? If you’re looking at Millennial Marketing on Snapchat, maybe do it in conjunction with some YouTube superstars.

Groupon + Limited Offers

This is a match made in heaven. Snapchat with its ephemeral messaging (that has been used for limited time offers) being used by a brand that specialises in… limited time offers.

I don’t know why I didn’t see it before:

"Sincee beginning a Snapchat account one week ago, Groupon has gained 700 followers with daily challenges that give out prizes for interacting with the brand.

Groupon started using Snapchat (under the account) last week to promote an offer with rapper Wiz Khalifa. First, the daily deal company prompted users to follow Groupon on Snapchat. Then, the company sent out a Snap—the social app’s lingo for a message—to its users to announce the deal, and the first person to see the Snap could buy the deal for $4.20. The package included tickets and a meet and greet with Wiz Khalifa at his Aug. 19 concert at Red Rocks Amphitheater in Morrison, CO.

The deal sold out less than two minutes after the Snap was sent. And 15 minutes after the deal went live, 700 people clicked through to the deal’s page after it was sold. The Wiz Khalifa campaign also raked in more than 250 screenshots of the deal, resulting in 1,000 message exchanges between the brand and Snapchat users.”

Things of note? NUMBERS!

- Groupon is gaining 100 new followers a day.
- 700 people clicked through (within 15mins).
- 250 screenshots (a fairly decent way to measure intent) were measured for one deal.
- 1000 message exchanges between Groupon and its followers, presumably after details for the deals.

This makes SO much sense.

Well done.

Sidenote: Groupon also published this handy Snapchat guide on its website - (typo theirs) - to help its users/members to get to grips with the platform.


MTV + VMA Nominations

Last month, MTV used Snapchat to announce the nominees for its Video Music Awards. The nominations appeared in eight 10-second Snapchat videos and will feature various stars from MTV shows (in order to leverage their enormous fan bases).

"We could have used one person to announce all of them but this is really going to buy us a lot of reach," Tom Fishman, vice president of content marketing and fan engagement, told Mashable. He added that the cameos will "excite great pockets of fandoms."

- Interesting points of note:

1. Use of existing stars/TV properties/celebrities to leverage disparate fan bases (something to keep in mind if your client/brand has ‘talent’).

2. All nominations were published to MTV’s Snapchat story, meaning that they were viewable for a period of 24hrs after the announcement.

3. Fans screenshotted their favourites and shared to Twitter. LOOK EVERYONE: KIDS KNOW HOW TO SWITCH PLATFORMS IN THE MOMENT.

Remember that one next time says ‘Oh, we can’t ask users to go from platform X to Y’ - they do it ALL the time.


Calvin Klein + 20 years of CK One

"After breaking boundaries 20 years ago as the original shared fragrance, CK One remains a best-selling fragrance globally," commented Steve Mormoris, senior vice president of American fragrances, Coty Prestige. "The new campaign captures the relevance of the brand for a new generation."

Chief executive officer of Calvin Klein, Steve Shiffman, added: “The new advertising campaign represents a new chapter in the iconic CK One franchise. The print and video creative celebrates the legacy of the original campaign, embodying the diverse individuality of today’s youth.”

Launching in July 2014, the creative has been shot from the perspective of a camera phone to illustrate the modern practice of using digital identities to connect with others and convey individuality with the TV ad making a private world public. The print campaign features a collage of self-portraits with digital activity running on Snapchat - a first for the brand - and Tumblr where a dedicated blog with digital assets from the shoot will be aggregated with the #ckmeforme hashtag.

- Interesting as the overall creative is shot from the handset’s perspective. I like this as it not only allows Snapchat to be used as part of an integrated marketing campaign but also speaks to the [new] audiences CK want to reach.

- Another trend: if you use Snapchat, your content must be racy

- Nicely done.

Miss Crofton + Lingerie »

'Upturning the platform’s notorious use for sending anonymous dick pics, (we’ve all had them), in favour of curated, beautiful, content. As well as showcasing the new collection, each clip playfully subverts the representation of pornography in a social generation. Empowering women to feel comfortable in their skins and embrace their sexiness.

We are also including discounts and offers to give an added layer of surprise and delight for followers.’

Things of note:
- Capitalising on the ‘soft porn’ nature of what Snapchat has a reputation for, Miss Crofton is a brand that can seemingly get away with it (it is on brand after all).

- Another day, another Snapchat case study using the platform for voucher-based offers.

- This campaign arrived via email. I’ve asked for more info.

Karmaloop + Softcore Porn

“Our snaps are not for the faint of heart—you got to be ready for a little bit of boobs and butt,” said Megan Knisely, Karmaloop Marketing Director. “We’ve toyed around with a little bit of nudity, but nothing hard-core. We have played up the fun, sexy side of things.”

Not soon after its launch, Snapchat became the poster-child of ‘the teen sexting problem’. Courageously embracing this element of the platform is smart, but only possible [really] if its ON BRAND.

For Karmaloop, it seems to be working. Using this tactic, it has amassed 2000 followers and, now the audience is there, it intends to pepper its provocative pics with, of course, product shots and coupons.

- Fair play.

Evian + Campaign Teasers

"Laurence Foucher, global digital manager, Evian, said: “Snapchat’s ephemeral nature is perfect for sending teasers to build excitement, which makes it the perfect platform to preview our next campaign.”"

The new campaign features a baby Spider-Man (as, I imagine, part of some kind of tie-in with the new film, The Amazing Spider-Man 2). There’s a trailer for the ad (no, really) and Evian are using Snapchat to tease elements from it.

Two things:

1. Evian: the official water of Spider-Man
2. ‘Snapchat is perfect for sending teasers’ - agreed, but only to certain audiences, right?

- The ad is released on April 2nd.

McDonald’s + LeBron James

"McDonald’s quietly joined Snapchat late last week and plans to publicly kick off the account on Tuesday with a snap from basketball star LeBron James.

"We are excited to use Snapchat as a way to share the fun side of our brand with this highly engaged audience of millennials," said Rick Wion, director of social media for McDonald’s."

Points of note -
1. Millennials.
2. Effort gone into promoting the account (celeb buy-in/endorsement/partnership, multiple tweets etc)
3. The actual image feat LeBron James is TERRIBLE.

Betfair + Exclusive Odds

"The company is promoting the service primarily to its social media following encouraging them to follow the “Betfairofficial” Snapchat profile. Rather than the current odds of 6/4, users will be able to place a maximum £10 bet on enhanced doubles odds. It follows a similar promotional template the brand used when it first began offering exclusive odds via its Twitter profile."

- Better odds for the most passionate/tech-savvy advocates? Interesting.